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Business Profile

Extreme Coatings

It didn't look like the project was going to get done, at least not using normal procedures. Some outside-the-box thinking would be required.

This particular challenge was on the Sacramento River: to re-coat the surfaces of huge radial gates on a dam, the doors that pivot open and closed, holding water back or letting it flow. Because of time and access constraints and the needs of the river’s many stakeholders — from recreational rafters to endangered species — this was no simple paint job. That's probably why other contractors had tried and failed, or hadn’t even bid the work at all.

Enter Extreme Coatings out of Pasco, WA. They aren't the largest company in the world, but Stacie and Dan Olson and their staff of 15 pride themselves on finding solutions to meet client needs, earning repeat business around the western United States. In this case, Dan designed a safe custom platform for the team to do the surface prep and recoating work on the gates, an alternative to the traditional method of working from a barge. This meant the project could get done on time and on budget, without restricting access for others using the river.

For Stacie, Extreme Coatings President, this is one of the perks of owning the business, which she and Dan founded in 2000 after building expertise in the industry.

“Doing challenging, important work for our clients is rewarding,” she says. “And so is providing quality jobs that support local families.”

That second goal of providing jobs is something Extreme Coatings takes beyond just competitive pay and benefits. Stacie also refers to some simple but profound principles like the simple “having a life” factor. Though their big industrial coating projects require travel and lots of hours, Extreme Coatings prioritizes flying the team home Thursday nights for weekends with family whenever it is possible. And sometimes, balance comes from simply being satisfied with the success you have.

“Recently, we hired a talented, experienced candidate in our industry,” she recalls. “He had options, so we just asked: why did you choose us? He said, ‘all these other companies sound like they are trying to take over the world with growth, and you seemed focused on quality.’ That was rewarding for us to hear.”

Quality of work, quality of life: these priorities shape the way Extreme Coatings conducts itself. And as a woman-owned HUBZone business (a federal program that encourages businesses to invest in Historically Underutilized Business zones), they are helping lead the way in Pasco’s economy, with specialized jobs and opportunities to develop skills in the growing field of industrial coatings.

Doing their work requires a strong relationship with a bank, especially when bidding on projects and creating budgets. This is where INB comes in.

“Part of the bidding process is the assurance that we’ll have the financing to provide cash flow when the project needs it, keeping everything moving toward completion,” Stacie says. “INB has been great to work with in that regard, allowing us the flexibility to bid on those big, challenging jobs.”

Coating surfaces of huge industrial structures is about solving and avoiding problems: finding ways to get the work done correctly and efficiently, protecting the structure from dangerous corrosion and structural issues down the road.

Business banking is about making sure finances aren't one of the problems a company has to overcome. In this way, the partnership between INB and Extreme Coatings makes perfect sense: fewer problems, more solutions and better outcomes — for clients, employees, and the community.