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Business Profile


Dūrātus (dur-ah-toos). It’s a Latin word meaning “endure.” And yet, at the same time, it means “harden.” That dual meaning, that combination of growth and challenge, inspired Kevin Longmeier to open Crossfit Dūrātus in 2013. Just a few short years later, the gym is a home base for nine trainers and more than 150 members. “Fitness has always been part of my life,” Kevin explains. “It’s a very personal way of seeking change and transformation. That’s why Dūrātus fit as a name: it’s helping people achieve more than they ever thought they could.”

Founding Dūrātus represented that kind of achievement for Kevin. “This was my first business, so it was a little like learning a whole new language,” he says. “I created a business plan, and the people at INB understood the goals and the vision. They’re very accessible, just a text or a phone call away. And they’ve been phenomenal to work with.”

"INB is just a text or a phone call away.”

Build Fitness by Building Community

But Dūrātus is more than a mere gym. It’s a community. Kevin emphasizes that means sharing successes and failures. “We have a member who had stopped going to the gym after losing her brother, because fitness had been a shared passion for them. After her first workout here—her first workout in more than ten years—she wept because she felt re-engaged, and because she felt total freedom. She’s since lost 70 pounds, and seen significant improvements in her blood pressure, cholesterol and overall health. And that’s really just one story that represents multiple stories.”

Kevin pauses, takes a moment to think. “That confirms and affirms the opening of Dūrātus. It’s an honor to be part of that.”