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“Each one is rewarding, because for most people this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” Nick Barnes says. We’re walking through a forested grouping of several houses at varying stages of completion. With pride, he points out features and refers to optional finishes, painting a picture of a family enjoying movie night together in a new theater room, which is now just a cavern of cement and lumber.

Nick is a custom home builder, which means that, in addition to framing structures to keep the rain off and the cold out, it’s his job to create spaces that house the hopes and dreams of the families he builds them for.

That’s what makes repeat business so special. “Sometimes people ask us to build another home for them if they need to move, upsize, or downsize,” he says, “Repeat business and referrals are the biggest compliments we can get.”

When you’re the son and grandson of home builders like Nick, earning the trust of clients is almost instinctual. Or perhaps his father and grandfather just drilled it into his work practices at a very early age, as he was sweeping up job sites and watching them build. When a builder truly earns that trust — the trust to smoothly handle that once-in-a-lifetime project — it leads to success. For Construction Services (formerly Shamrock Construction), that success has looked like three generations of Barnes men who have built over 700 homes. And that’s just on the residential side.

“We’ve always handled commercial projects, too,” Nick says. “One specialty of ours is tenant improvements.” He explains using a typical example: if an insurance agent is moving out of a space, and a dentist is moving in, Construction Services will work with the property owner and business owner to modify the space for their specific needs.

Nick has an ongoing relationship with INB and residential lending manager Aaron Fielder, who works to provide financial solutions for Construction Services and their clients. One example is offering end loans, allowing Nick’s team to build homes for people who wouldn’t otherwise have the available capital to start paying at the beginning of the project.

“INB has been great to work with, offering flexibility and that personal touch I haven’t seen in any other bank. It’s just so easy to work with Aaron to make the process work for everyone involved,” Nick says. “And we just got finished with his family’s deck, too.”

Learn how INB helps customers like Nick Barnes HERE or call 509-462-3626.