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Clock Tower Ales

It's the end of the week in The Dalles, Oregon, and like any other Friday night, Clock Tower Ales will soon start to fill up. Pint glasses will clink, and community members will greet familiar friends, pull up barstools, and just unwind a bit at the end of a busy work week.

But this won’t be just another night at the pub. There’s something bigger going on here: an attempt to ease a much larger burden than the stress of a work week.
“We’re calling it Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti,” says Stacey Heath, General Manager at Clock Tower Ales. “One of our staff members, our Night Floor Lead, lost a good friend from California in the recent Las Vegas shooting. The woman who passed away was a mother of four kids, and this is a benefit event to raise funds for those children.”
Heath pauses, and then explains the name of the event. “With everything going on in our world…  so much pain and loss, we wanted to take a night to just focus on kindness and generosity, in hopes that these things can become more of a trend than violence. And raising a bit of money for these kids who have lost their mom is one small way for us to show kindness.”  
When shock waves of extreme violence affect communities around the country, local institutions like Clock Tower Ales step up. Not because it is expected, but because it comes naturally. Artists and beverage distributors donate their items for the silent auction and raffles, and community members mark their calendars and bring their checkbooks. Nothing can erase the loss that has happened, but we can always do something. On Clock Tower’s web announcement for the event, a quote from the Dalai Lama is included: be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. 
There’s a lot to like about this spot: the small-town, family-oriented, old-west feel. The 35 tap handles that read like a “who’s who” list of the Pacific Northwest’s best breweries, along with some ciders and now even kombucha. Their gorgeous 1883 building that used to be the Wasco County Courthouse. The menu of all your favorite appetizers, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. 
But the thing that is most likable about Clock Tower Ales is the more than 8 years of proving how much they prioritize finding those possibilities for showing kindness. Whether it’s Pints for Pups (pet-adoption-focused, of course), throwing huge annual street parties to benefit the United Way of the Columbia Gorge, or putting on special events like this Friday’s, this spot is about benefiting The Dalles and its people.  Perhaps this comes from the fact that owner Mark Powell’s family has owned businesses and lived in the community for generations. In any case, when you have a pint at Clock Tower — and they’ll be brewing and selling their very own beer in 2018 — you’re a part of a broader community story. 

Heath points out that this community connectedness is a parallel with INB and perhaps this is why the relationship works so well between the two businesses.

“We’ve been with our bank for so many years because of all we have in common, and we just love our banker Shae. She is incredibly helpful with all of our needs, and they continue to be a great partner of ours,” says Heath.
When it’s time to meet with friends in The Dalles around great food and the best beers of the region, this is your spot. But when it’s time to rally the community around what really matters, that’s where Clock Tower Ales stands even taller in its community.