Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes: Store your valuables and safekeeping items in a safe deposit box. We have various sizes to accommodate your needs. Available at all INB branches.

Wire Transfers: Send money to most anywhere in the world (time restrictions apply). INB Customers Only.

Notary Public: Free notary public service is available to our customers.

Signature Guarantee and Medallion Signature Guarantee: Free signature guarantees are available to our customers.

Series EE Bonds: We can cash government bonds with proper identification.

Business Visa® Debit Card: Purchase items for your business without writing a check. You also get instant access to cash at thousands of locations around the world. Wherever you travel, nothing beats the Plus and Exchange debit card networks for cash machine convenience.

Night Depository Service: After hours, use our handy night depository for either envelope or bag drop.

Direct Deposit: Reduce the amount of checks printed and help your employees get paid more quickly and more efficiently with this electronic service.

Cashiers Checks and Money Orders: Get the assurance of guaranteed funds with an INB Cashiers Check or Money Order. INB Customers Only.

Automatic Loan Payments: With this automatic service, your funds remain in checking or savings until the moment they are needed to cover a loan payment.