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Cash Management Online

Use this powerful, robust online system when managing your business accounts

INB’s Cash Management Online will provide you with powerful tools that will save you time, improve cash flow, and streamline processes in a safe and secure environment. In addition to accessing detailed information about your accounts, you can take advantage of other features such as transferring funds, ACH Origination, Merchant Source Capture®, wire transfers, positive pay, and customized user administration.

Please call Cash Management Services to set up an account at (509) 944-4802 or email them at [email protected]

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Save time and resources by managing your cash online


Easy to use interface for quick management of your accounts


Set preferences and user rights specific to your business

Transfer Funds

Easily transfer funds from one account to another online

ACH Origination

ACH origination allows any business customer to create electronic payments and deposits through Cash Management Online

Merchant Source Capture®

Deposit checks from your place of business through a desktop check scanner that is connected to your PC and the internet

Wire Transfers

Create and monitor wire transfers through our online banking platform

Positive Pay

Take advantage of this automated fraud detection tool

User Administration

Set user rights and preferences to ensure appropriate staff management of your online system