INB has long provided lockbox services – a method for handling customer payments -- for large businesses and municipalities. Our service is affordable to small businesses, too, with a product called Lockbox Lite. Lockbox Lite can save business owners both time and money. For a flat monthly fee, Lockbox Lite can:

  • Improve cash flow with faster deposits and access to funds.
  • Save staff time by reducing the cost and effort to post receipts.
  • Reduce paper handling
  • Provide a payment processing accuracy rate of 99% or better.
  • Automate payment research.
  • Provide almost instantaneous payment information.
  • Reduce the risk of employee theft and payment fraud.
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Improve record retention

How does Lockbox Lite work?

Mail Pick up: We establish a Post Office Box at the local post office.  INB couriers retrieve mail several times each day and deliver it to our secure processing facility.

Document Capture: We capture the transactions from the extraction on high speed scanning devices. During this part of the process, INB’s capture device will create images of the front and back of each document and “read” information contained on each of the documents.

Deposit & Data Delivery: We deposit checks into your bank account and  provide you with a file with payment information.  We’ll provide detail and summary reports through a secure electronic exchange.  We’ll add images to an online web archive.

Mail Extraction: We train lockbox personnel on how you want your mail handled and any specific business rules you establish. These assigned staff members check your mail into our facility and extract the contents. 

Transaction Balancing: INB personnel will access the images and data to enter any missing or misread information.  We populate transactions missing critical information to an exception site where you can review and correct the file. Once you make these updates, the transactions are re-introduced back into the primary workflow.  Software edits insure transactions balance and data is accurate.

Services Provided for a Monthly Fee

For a flat monthly fee of $250, you’ll receive:

  • USPS box rental
  • Mail pick up from USPS
  • Maintenance:
    • Lockbox Processing
    • ILB (Exception portal)
    • NetQuery (Historical archive)
  • Lockbox Processing:
    • Mail extraction
    • Transaction capture
    • Item correction
    • Balancing
    • Exception processing
    • Report creation
  • Document storage/Destruction (60 day)
  • File and report Delivery
  • 200 items:
    • Payment coupon
    • Credit card posting to your existing merchant
    • Exception
    • Volume exceeding 200 = $.75 per item

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