Is payment processing a weakness of your business? Our experience in business banking has shown that having to go through a pile of envelopes daily can get exhausting. Processing payments takes up valuable time. Let us save you the stress with our Lockbox Lite service.

For a flat monthly fee of $250, your payments will be received faster than ever before. Here at INB, we will help with handling customer payments, so you don’t have to.

How does it work?

The Lockbox Lite journey starts at the post office. INB couriers retrieve mail several times a day and bring it back to our secure processing facility.

After that, our high-speed scanning devices get to work to capture the transactions on each document. Our capture device will create images of the front and back of each document and “read” information contained. (Pretty nifty, right?)

Your checks will then be deposited into your bank account. A file with the payment information will begiven to you along with a detailed summary report through a secure electronic exchange.

Why take the time to open envelopes and post payments when INB can do it for you?

Getting payments into your accounts is at the heart of what we do – trust us. We have a proven track record of working with institutions across various industries with our lockbox service. Lockbox Lite is specifically designed for small businesses to eliminate the administrative burden from your back office. We know that Lockbox Lite will benefit your company by saving your staff’s time and ultimately, saving you money.

Still not sure?

The processing we provide with Lockbox Lite provides a process accuracy rate of 99% or better! We train our personnel to handle your mail the way you want it based on your specific business rules. Our team will enter any missing or misread information. After giving you the file to review, the transactions are put back into the workflow.

Key Benefits that make Lockbox Lite worth every penny: 

  • Receive payments quickly without the hassle of driving to the bank.
  • Eliminate heavy costs and efforts of posting receipts.
  • Save trees through less paper handling.
  • Reduce risk of employee theft and payment fraud.
  • Retain records safely and securely. 

Call us your newest accounts receivable assistant – we are looking forward to getting your money to you quicker than ever before!

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