At INB, we work every day to help our customers minimize financial pressures and enjoy better lives. As a partner, our goal is to be the best bank and serve our customers by living our core values. INB is…

Caring. Our staff has empathy and respect for one another, customers, and the communities we serve. We find that the care we show one another in the workplace is reflected in our interactions with our customers. While respectful service to our customers reflects our concern for meeting their needs, our employees also show their care for the community through volunteer service and monetary donations.

Creative. We are constantly coming up with creative solutions for customers and processes. Whether it is a unique solution to disbursing funds to a large group of people, creative loan structure to reduce costs and undertake a new project, or a new process to collect a company’s receivables faster or invest their extra funds to earn more money, we strive for innovation to provide better solutions for our customers.

Team. No other organization works as closely together as the INB Team. We have been working together from Day One and realize that respect, cooperation and hard work from everyone creates the best environment and result for our customers.

Balance. At INB, our team members are our family. We help each of them to meet personal and professional goals by achieving life balance.

Working Smart. Our team looks at each day as an opportunity to learn and be independent in our thinking. When working together with INB, you will always receive an honest answer and you will experience a type of innovative thinking that differs from other financial institutions.

Assertive and Enthusiastic. We are eager and want to help everyone in our community. We reach for our goals with enthusiasm and courage. Whether it is working with a not-for-profit to feed hungry children or stepping into the market with new technology, we aren’t afraid to do the right thing and be the first to do it.