Our History

Illinois National Bank has a long history in Springfield, Ill., dating back to the late 1800s. The bank’s second home was the city’s first “skyscraper,” at the northeast corner of Fifth and Washington streets. 

But what are the stories behind the buildings that make up INB’s footprint today?

We’ve been documenting the answer through a series of blog posts and short videos.  If you love Springfield history, these are stories you’ll definitely want to read. 

Fairmount, Ill.

The original INB was sold in the era of big banks buying smaller banks. So when a group of bankers decided to revive INB in the late 90s, they had to start with a bank charter. Ours came from Fairmount, Ill.  Before the purchase, there was a short geography lesson for the new owners.  Watch Fairmount video.

322 E. Capitol, Springfield, Ill.

An old building transformed tells the story of the bank’s headquarters. The video includes some photos from the transformation process, along with stories you won’t hear anywhere else. 

Montvale Branch

Montvale Commons was an up-and-coming area in the 1990s, and INB found the perfect home there. Today you’ll find loyal customers still frequenting this locationWatch Montvale video.

North Branch

North of the intersection of Sangamon and North Dirksen Parkway, you could find little more than a cornfield in the early 1990s. Even when INB chose to build at 2450 North Dirksen Parkway. Things have changed a lot in the last 15 years!  Watch North Dirksen Pkwy video.   

South Branch

We promise to never sell hamburgers or cheeseburgers from our South Sixth Street branch. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about it! Watch South Sixth Street video.

Operations Center

If you’re looking for a piece of Springfield history, this building has a lot to share. The building originally was a showcase for the Jennings Ford dealership. Watch Operations Center video.

Chatham Branch

INB acquisition of Palmer Bank of Chatham and building a new facility in came at a super busy time in the bank's history. Learn why our Chief Financial Officer said it was a deal we couldn't pass up. Watch Chatham video.

Pleasant Plains Branch

There's been a bank in Pleasant Plains since the late 1800's. Learn how INB became the town's bank. Watch Pl. Plains video.

Riverton Branch

Riverton Community Bank became INB in 2004. RCB's chairman at the time tells most of this story.  Watch Riverton video.

Peoria Branch

INB is a top mortgage lender in Peoria. But it didn't start that way. Learn how we gained momentum.  Watch Peoria video.

Mt. Pulaski Branch

It's a beautiful town tucked away in Central Illinois' farming community. It's our kind of townWatch Mt. Pulaski video.

Bloomington Branch

What started as a loan office in 2012 expanded to a full-service branch in 2017. How did that happen so quickly? Watch Bloomington video.

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