Meet Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace

Call Center Consultant I

Mike Wallace has a degree in criminal justice with a specialty in investigation. He uses his degree every day, helping customers by getting answers to their questions.

Mike is part of our Customer Care Center team. Not only does his degree serve him well, but his 25 years of banking experience make him the perfect liaison for our customers.

In 1993, Mike went to work for First of America in the bank’s Remittance Center. The operation was purchased by INB in 2002, and most of the employees transitioned to INB. Mike stayed in remittance operations for over a decade, covering everything from business accounts to personal, online banking accounts.

Often, he’d research issues for a fellow bank employee. Once he did his research, he was out of the loop, never knowing if the answer provided satisfaction to the customer. Today, he says, he not only gets to research the problem, but he gets to talk to the customer. “I get to take it full circle,” he says. And he prides himself on being able to complete the circle quickly.

Mike notes that sometimes customers are understandably upset when they call in. He looks at the situation this way: “The customers are often upset because they don’t know the process. I take the time to explain the steps we need to take. Once they understood that, they are usually okay. But when the phone call started, they were pretty upset.” He says you can hear the relief in customers’ voices when they realize we’ve got their back.

Persistency helps Mike assure a great customer experience. “I might not know everything, but I can get the process started. I have a willingness to understand what they need. A lot of times people expect a recording, but they get us. Then we figure out the issue. That makes you feel good about what you do.” Mike says he always feels valuable when he gets calls that begin with, “I think you helped me last time…”

Over time, Mike says he and the rest of the Care Center team staff develop relationships with the customers they talk to. “Customers becomes more than just phone calls. You begin to know their life story and things that happen. You see the landmarks. You see the special moments in their lives. You begin to see how they see things . . . You get an understanding of how people think.”

Mike is a graduate of Southeast High School. He completed his college coursework while working full-time. Today, he and his wife share the responsibility of caring for two dogs. Or, in his words: “Two dogs, no kids.” Of his work family, he says, “No family is perfect by any means, but I do believe that we all grow together. I’ve never felt as comfortable as I do working here. I enjoy getting up every day. I enjoy the people I work with.”