Meet Donna Smith

Donna Smith

VP, Customer Relationship Officer

While Donna has made her 42-year career in banking, it was an experience at a Laundromat that made her the kind of manager who insists her staff acknowledge everyone who walks in the door.  “When I was at the Laundromat, a woman came in with her twin boys, both of whom had disabilities.  They came into the bank the first of each month, so I recognized them. I went over and talked to them like I would talk to anyone else.  The next time the mom came into the bank, she made a point of thanking me just for talking to the boys.

“I’ll never forget that experience and how very important it is to acknowledge people.  A few years later one of the twins passed away, and the mom called me several times during that month -- and even after that -- and I continued to help them.”

Donna started her banking career at a Naval Station on Guam, USA.  When she returned to Springfield, she joined Land of Lincoln Bank on Springfield’s north end and remained at the bank location through several mergers and 28 years. Thirteen years ago she joined INB as North Branch manager.  Assistant Branch Manager Julie Yuroff has been with her for the last 37 of those 45 years.

Donna’s proud of her Springfield, north-end roots.  This Lanphier High School graduate even took finance and banking classes at Springfield College in Illinois.  Her mother, the family matriarch, died recently at age 92.  Her two sisters, brother and son remain close. 

Through banking, Donna has an extended family.   “’Service, Caring and Knowledge’ is our motto,” she says.  “It’s important that we know our customers, call them by name, greet them when they come in and acknowledge them when they leave the branch.  I’m a stickler on customer acknowledgement.”

As Donna has transitioned from being the youngest in the bank to now one of the oldest, she feels it’s very important to have your plans in writing no matter what your age.  “I have helped many people with banking situations that occur when someone has documentation in place . . . and when they don’t.  I can tell you that the people who think about the future and have documentation in place help their families and friends tremendously.  This paperwork helps everyone handle accounts and make decisions without guessing your wishes and without going through the court system to obtain the authority to act in someone’s behalf.”

Donna uses the INB Blog to share her experiences.