INB Built and Grown on Community Banking

And Now We Want to Build Better Banking in Evansville, Ind.


When INB opened in 1999, the main goal was to bring community bank into banking. That meant knowing our customers, being involved in our communities, caring and showing we care by using our resources to help the people we live and work with. Evansville Indiana

Put into action, we use local dollars to fund local projects. We help make sure the community has the resources to grow businesses and equip families with tools to save and spend throughout the cycles of life.

That was 1999, and those founding principles continue to guide INB today. As a result of unwavering focus, we’ve grown from two branches with $24.7 million in assets to 13 Illinois branches and a loan production office in Chesterfield, Mo with over $1 billion in assets.

INB is a true story of success built on the premise that caring can serve as a powerful business advantage. And we’d like to add on to the story by expanding into the Evansville, Ind. area.

Needed: People Who Care About Local Businesses

INB has routinely entered new markets through commercial lending and business banking services.  That’s our plan in Evansville. We plan to hire people who know the market, who want to be active in community organizations, and who have a strong desire to see local business thrive.

Interested in this opportunity? Connect with Chief Lender, Executive Vice President John Wilson.

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