Someway, somehow Diana Nielsen makes it all work.  She’s a wife, a mom, an INB manager with two branches and, still, she found time to add, “Greater Springfield Chamber Ambassador” to the list of her job duties.

Diana Neilsen

Here, Diana, who manages our downtown and Montvale branches, talks about why she’s taking on this newest role with all the gumption she has.

Why did you decide to become an ambassador?

"My experience with Leadership Springfield was transformative. Initially, I didn’t view Springfield as the ideal place for a vibrant future. However, I've come to realize that this city and county have so much potential. While taking part in Leadership Springfield, I learned we have inspiring leaders who've risen from humble beginnings. Our medical community is top-notch, and there are numerous exciting projects in the pipeline. After seeing the whole picture, I decided to immerse myself deeper into Springfield's fabric. My role at the bank also fueled this desire. As a representative of INB, I aim to be a bridge between the bank and the community."

What are your duties as a Chamber ambassador?

"Ambassadors are the ears and eyes of the chamber. We make monthly calls to members to make sure they’re using their member benefits; we attend ambassador meetings to stay updated with local businesses. Besides this, we’re present for all the landmark moments of businesses, be it a groundbreaking or ribbon-cutting ceremony.”

What should the community know about ambassadors?

"My hope is that the community recognizes the genuine support we offer. Ambassadors like me are here to bolster businesses, regardless of the size of the business."

How are you able to work this in with your busy life?

“I don’t know sometimes, but I try.  I put chamber events on my calendar, and I live and die by my calendar.  My husband helps me a lot. He gets the kid.  But I cook dinner every night.  If you want to do it, you can do it.  I had a lot going on last month managing both our downtown drive and Montvale, but no one’s mad because I couldn’t attend a couple of events.  Everybody works. So, it’s no big deal.”

What networking gains have you seen since becoming an ambassador?

"I've forged connections with many small business owners in Springfield. Some relationships go way back, like a client whom I assisted years ago.  He remembered our interaction. It's gratifying when past acquaintances circle back because of the trust we've built."

Are there any takeaways that you bring back to your staff?

"Every time I'm out, I gather knowledge about new businesses and share it with my staff. Sometimes I even bring back little trinkets or treats. This discussion keeps things interesting, and, together, we’re able to advocate for the local businesses."

Any event on the horizon that excites you?

“Mike Murphy (President and CEO) has told me I’m his benchmark. He appreciates how I came to choose to stay in Springfield after being in Leadership Springfield, and how I’ve stepped up as an ambassador. So I guess you could say each event and ribbon cutting excites me.  The Annual Gala in February is something I always look forward to. Mike, with his infectious energy, always manages to set the room abuzz. He often jests that I've set a high standard for him, but I believe it’s mutual!”