Years ago, Stacy Wolak participated in Community Leadership School in Peoria and enjoyed it so much for the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and explore the community she loved.

Stacy Wolak and flower bulbs for sale

So when she moved to Germantown, Wisconsin, and began servicing INB mortgage clients there in addition to her clients in Peoria, she jumped at the chance to complete Leadership Germantown.

“I already knew it was a great way to learn more, meet new people, learn about service opportunities and grow personally,” Stacy says. “It also incorporated service work, which really spoke to my heart and passion.”

Leadership Germantown is a leadership development program with a mission to build unique and dynamic leaders who will contribute to their professional workplace and advancement of the community. Through the program, participants get to have unique experiences in the community and interact with other leaders.

Stacy was part of the 22nd graduating class of Leadership Germantown. Her class met all day once a month from September through April, with each meeting held at a different location. The day included presenters, networking and tours – with topics like team building, strategic planning, personality tests and more.

“We dove into our colors, my favorite class was on Crucial Conversations, and we even got to take a look inside the water tower,” Stacy shares.

The class also divided into small groups to complete a project benefiting the community. Stacy’s small group focused on helping open the doors to a green space at Germantown High School. They also raised money and awareness for the future goal of the greenhouse and outdoor classes.

“I was able to attend three Environmental Club meetings at the high school and got to deliver flower bulbs donated by Fleet Farm,” she says.

The last day of class Leadership Germantown was centered on spending half the day outside and incorporating a random act of kindness.

“My small group sat down and wrote thank you cards to random people including teachers at school nearby,” Stacy recalls.

She is forever changed by her experiences through this program and grateful for the opportunities INB provides for professional development.

“This was a unique and incredible time with people from all walks of life, which makes it so cool,” Stacy says. “Leadership Germantown was a well-organized, worthwhile, incredible learning experience that I would do again and again. I would highly recommend it for others seeking to get to know their community, no matter how long they’ve lived there.”