Diana Nielsen recently observed to a colleague that the reason young professionals stay at their company is because they have confidence that their employer will support them in the different stages of their life and careers.

“I know it makes a difference for me personally at INB,” she shares.

Diana Nielsen

At INB, we’re certainly happy to support devoted staff like Diana, whose hard work has earned her a new promotion from assistant branch manager to assistant vice president/ branch manager.

Diana joined INB’s accounting department in December 2015 before she was approached in 2018 to move to a newly created position within our manager training program through the retail department. Under INB’s retail management program, Diana participated in management training and gained new skills and experience in the branch setting.

Then she got the chance to put those new skills into practice, as she was named assistant branch manager in 2019. She also took on the responsibility of managing our downtown Main Drive facility.

Connecting in a Meaningful Way

Diana says working with people on a personal level and developing a deeper connection will always be her favorite part of her job.

“I love that I get to meet new people every day and be part of their financial journey – whether it is to start a new account for a 16-year-old, start savings for a house purchase, getting a HELOC for some home improvements before the baby arrives… I have been in some of those situations myself, so I enjoy helping someone else navigate it,” Diana says. “I also love to mentor and help employees grow now that I have been in management for a few years.”

Most recently, Diana had the opportunity to participate in Leadership Springfield, a program where she was able to learn from community leaders and immerse herself in Springfield-area businesses.

“The program is pretty powerful, and it makes you want to be part of this community,” she says.

Family, Faith and Travel

When she’s not at work, Diana’s world revolves around her family – her husband and two daughters. “I love to be a mom, and I also cook and bake for fun and relaxation. We love music in my house, so there is always a tune playing, and my favorite album of all time is Amazing Grace by Aretha Franklin, recorded live from church,” she says.

Diana’s family also loves to travel. Every summer, they visit her husband’s hometown of Marinette, Wis. Diana’s favorite vacation spot is Maui, but she’s drawn to any location with water. The next big trip on her list is the Ivory Coast.

“That’s where I am originally from, and I want to introduce my family to my roots and my side of the Atlantic Ocean!” Diana shares.

While this has been a challenging year for Diana, she has seen that as an opportunity for growth and new perspective.

“It’s a reminder that tomorrow is never a given, so we have to live our life to the fullest and appreciate everything that comes our way and seize every opportunity and give God the glory for it all!” Diana says.

Her latest promotion is just one more thing Diana has to be grateful for this year.

“I am thankful and excited for this new role,” she says. “As the girls at the Montvale branch said, I am still the same; nothing really changed except that we get to have more fun, and I can take more ownership in the success of my department, in helping my customers. and I have more flexibility in supporting my staff.”