At INB, we’re much more than just bank products and services.

We’re a culture of empowerment.

What does this mean exactly? Banking is the foundation built to support people and their financial goals. And here, we lift up our customers and our employees. The sky’s the limit!

In our Bloomington market specifically, our Empowered Banking campaign features two of our own superheroes, Andi Whalen (AVP, branch manager) and Grace Nichols (AVP, mortgage lending).

Andi and Grace had previously gotten to know each other in professional circles around Bloomington, but now they’ve come back together as a banking team.

Andi and Grace are able to use their individual superpowers to give our customers an unmatched banking experience. For them, ‘empowered banking’ means the culture INB cultivates.

“Across the board, INB culture truly helps to serve and support each other as well as our customers. Whether close or far away, we strive to provide visibility of our options and accessibility to the opportunity to utilize them,” Grace says.

At INB, we want each of our customers to use our services feeling stronger and more confident than when you started. When you’re in control of your financial decisions, you can blaze toward your future goals.

Blaze Your Own Financial Trails

“When we talk about empowered banking, we’re referring to you,” Grace says. “We want to give you the tools to help you lead your own finances, learn from your banking opportunities, and grow to becoming a more educated consumer. We provide efficient financial options to help simplify the process while also providing hands-on opportunities to learn better options for your futures.”

When Grace and Andi stepped into their roles at INB, they were given the mission of doing their jobs to help each customer live a better life and bank easier, without burdens from financial stress.

Take Charge of Your Money

At INB, you can find the support you need that is right for you. Whether you’re opening your first checking account or applying for a mortgage loan, you’re respected and appreciated – which means you walk out the door confident in each step.

“Empowered banking means being in the driver’s seat of your finances,” Andi shares. “We empower you to make your money work a little harder for you. It’s also a good way to describe working at INB: INB empowers me to be the best version of myself. I’m set up for success with the resources I need to thrive, which means I can also empower others.”

From our central headquarters in Springfield, IL, to our branches and offices across Illinois and Missouri, here’s what you can find at INB:

  • Positive attitudes
  • Support for your personal and professional goals
  • Uplifting people to surround you
  • Strong communication
  • Help making smart choices

Andi is are ready to show you what empowered banking looks like.