Community banks can make decisions more quickly than larger financial institutions and adapt efficiently to serving customer needs. And that’s exactly what the St. Louis region prefers, making it the ideal location for INB to expand outside of Illinois.

“St. Louis historically is a community bank town,” says Joe Fendi, VP, Commercial Banking. “Community banks can deliver fast and effectively on what you promise.”

St. Louis group photo

INB opened in Chesterfield, Missouri in December 2018 as a loan production office.  The original lending team included Joe, Sean McKenna (SVP, Missouri Market President) and Zach Lammers (VP, Commercial Banking). Max Mitts (VP, Commercial Banking) joined in early 2020, and Anthony Johnson (VP, Commercial Banking - LIHTC) and Brian Hintz, (VP, Business Solutions) came on board in 2021.

Expanding into Missouri

INB was initially attracted to St. Louis because of the potential for growth. Our team of seasoned lenders is able to build the kinds of relationships INB values, as well as make decisions quickly so our customers aren’t left waiting.

“Our relationships with businesses are built on how we can help them obtain access to money to help them grow and how we can help them make money,” Zach explains.

“I have honest conversations with my clients about what I think about the deal, their future growth and how we can structure their loan to get it done,” he adds. “You need to be able to discuss and provide insight but also get it done. With bigger banks who are headquartered several states away, it’s hard to get things done.”

What makes INB different from other banks is that we treat every client the same, Max says.

“At other banks, small businesses are often just a number. But we employ resources at every level – from treasury to deposit operations to loan production – to make sure a client has what they need to thrive,” Max says.

A “Holistic” Approach

With decades of experience cumulatively, our Chesterfield team is seeing a lot of repeat business. Why? Because clients know our lenders deliver on what they commit to.

Being a community bank, INB has the flexibility that larger banks don’t have.

“We look at how a business is performing but also beyond the numbers; we look at their character and see how things make sense as a whole. We offer a more holistic approach,” Zach shares. “To get a complicated deal done within three weeks is unheard of with bigger banks, but we can make that happen.”

“We’re first ones our clients come to,” he adds. “We’ve developed a trust that we can help them get where they need to be.”

This reliability and trust was never more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Community banks shined,” Joe says. “We saw how negatively the bigger banks reacted, but we reassured our customers, letting them know that we were there for them regardless.”

He adds: “When I look ahead, I think we’ll continue to grow and build our client base and deliver on our promises. The future is bright for INB here in Chesterfield.”

Lending Team NMLS numbers:

John Wilson, NMLS # 762807

Joe Fendi, NMLS # 671758

Sean McKenna, NMLS # 1812036

Zach Lammers, NMLS # 610464

Max Mitts, NMLS # 1161411

Anthony Johnson, NMLS # 2114374