When INB decided it was time to bring our wealth services to Peoria, we wanted to do it right. And “right” meant finding someone with experience and a passion for top-notch service.  We found that in Nick Ward.

Nick Ward

Nick comes to INB with almost a decade of experience in financial services.  He can help you plan how to reach your financial goals and offer suggestions to help you stick to the plan, no matter your net worth. INB prides itself of helping people with a modest income become savers so they can have a comfortable future.

More About Nick

Learn more about Nick through our Q&A:

Q: How did you land in the financial services field?

A: After college I got a job as a teller in a bank.  My management saw that I was always eager to give advice and after being a teller for seven months, I was promoted to be a banker.  As a banker, I quickly moved up and wore many hats that included personal banking, business banking, lending and eventually I received my licenses and moved into wealth banking.  After becoming fully licensed, I had a hunger to share what I have learned in every field of banking and transfer that knowledge over to the advisory services. 

Q: How will your work as a relationship manager help you in your new role with INB?           

A: When I was a relationship manager, I had a limited book of clients who I was responsible for. My responsibility was to be in contact with our clients of $250,000 and above in order to discuss their current financial needs including but not limited to, their advisory accounts, their mortgage needs, their business needs, as well as preparing for any major life changes.  I plan to bring this white glove experience that was limited to clients of a certain balance at my other bank to all of my clients at INB.

Q: What would you say is the one thing most people need to do to get their finances in check?

A: Talk to a professional about their long-term financial plans and continue to have that discussion at least once a year.  Your retirement plan should always reflect the changes in your life.

Q: How do we help overcome this deficiency?

A: INB offers a growing team of professionals that all have varying specialties who all work together.  By having our team of professionals available, we are always able to help you prepare for what life throws your way.

Q:  How did you land in Peoria?

A: My fiancée, Dr. Samantha Gooch was accepted for residency in pediatrics at OSF Saint Frances Hospital.

Q: What are you interests outside of work?

I enjoy traveling and getting to know my community.  I also enjoy volunteering when I can.