Sometimes it’s impossible to multitask. On a recent morning, Natalie Dodson, Mortgage Loan Officer for INB, was glad she didn’t need to thanks to the help of her new assistant, Miranda Hughes.

“With Miranda, I’m able to maintain a smooth process even as my volume continues to grow,” Natalie says.

Growing Her Team

Natalie has been part of INB for seven years and worked in mortgage lending for 19 years. 

In 2020, INB Mortgage saw exponential growth as a result of low interest rates. The volume served by INB Mortgage Operations actually quadrupled over the last year. 

That’s when Natalie brought on Miranda to help service her clients.Natalie and Miranda

“I wanted to make sure that when I got busier, my clients still got the same service,” Natalie says.

Miranda joined INB in November 2020, with a background in finance and real estate. She had previously worked on some loans with Natalie while at a real estate firm, allowing her to see how Natalie operates. 

“She’s always on top of things; you knew you’d get something quickly if you needed something from her,” Miranda shares. “Natalie’s volume of business is high, so there is always something that needs done.” 

“I like to work with people, to feel like I’m making a difference in their lives,” she adds. “I wanted the ability to build relationships, and I knew I could bring that to help Natalie’s business.”

Seamless Loan Process

As Loan Officer Assistant, Miranda’s goal is that clients don’t notice a difference between Natalie and her team. That means consistent communication and follow through.

“We’re constantly filling each other in,” Miranda says. “My aim is to make the process easy and to streamline it, as well as provide a friendly voice and let clients know we’re there and want to help.”

Since joining INB, Miranda has been impressed by the teamwork and collaboration.

“When I first started, I didn’t know anyone. But the processors, closers and management have been super welcoming and helpful,” she shares. “I have also noticed the drive of everyone working here; they were so busy last year and they never batted an eye or complained to stay late or working weekends to get loans done for their clients. It truly says something to have a work ethic like that.”

Making Dreams Come True

Getting to know their clients and get them into their dream homes is the ultimate motivator for Natalie and Miranda.

“I love the stories and the people – from a first-time homebuyer to those upgrading to a bigger place. And some stories just really touch your heart: the empty nesters or someone moving after losing a spouse,” Natalie says. “It feels really good to be part of their story. We make it easier on them and not so painful.”

At INB, we know you’re ready to make memories in your new home – whether that’s playing with your kids in the backyard or cooking with your family in the kitchen. Our local team is able to make decisions quickly and uses cutting-edge technology to process loans efficiently, so you can get into your home as fast as possible.

“Our aim for every client is to make their dreams come true. They come to you and say, ‘We’ve always wanted to own a home in Florida.’ And we work with them to figure out how to make that happen,” Natalie says.

Natalie’s’ NMLS # is 574151.

Miranda’s NMLS # is 2070303