One of the key benefits of working with INB Business Solutions is that we have relationships that are critical to the success of our customers.

Our employees live in each of our communities and our decision-makers are local, which means we understand our local markets and have close connections within the community.

This translates into mutually beneficial partnerships across government and business.

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Providing Government Solutions

“We place special emphasis on the municipality and government sectors,” says Lynne Wooden, VP, Business Solutions. “We continually invest in new technologies so that we can provide the most efficient solutions for a reasonable cost.”

INB operates the largest Remittance Center in downstate Illinois, located across the street from the Illinois Governor’s Mansion in downtown Springfield. We service more than six million transactions from the state of Illinois, counties of Sangamon and Peoria, and cities of Springfield and Peoria alone.

We also collect Sangamon County property taxes at our branches, which is not only convenient to property owners but also eases traffic to the Sangamon County courthouse.

We recently became part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Agent Mentor Protégé Program. We are now working to provide financial services to this arm of the federal government.

Our Advantage

Two critical benefits that INB offers business and municipal clients is:

  • Ability to adapt

We can make process or product changes quickly.

  • Quick decision-making

Our decision-makers and our employees are living in our communities, so we can make efficient decisions on loans and other services because we understand the local market and how your business impacts the community.

Our Connections

Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses that offer solutions to governmental bodies. Through our local connections, we’ve been able to refer services to government officials and representatives, as well as partner with both entities.

“When a new business owner gets started, we can also help connect them with the resources they need to get off the ground or expand,” says Evan Westlake, SVP Commercial Lending. “We’ve pointed entrepreneurs to the Illinois Small Business Development Center at LLCC, the Department of Revenue to pay sales taxes, Innovate Springfield, or even just the right person to call to get a DBA certificate.”

We also assist many new businesses who may benefit from connecting with other local leaders in specific niche industries, so they can collaborate and foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

Business Banking with INB

Through our commercial and treasury management departments at INB, we seek to understand your process, how your business impacts the community, and what your future goals are.

Our custom solutions are designed to improve your finances and help make your business as efficient as possible.

Questions? Connect with our team here.