When Home Loans Get Tough, Champaign Realtors Count on INB


By: Aaron Sapp

Vice President, Mortgage Lending

NMLS #447059

Steve Littlefield heard a lot about INB Champaign’s Justin Gensler before he met him.

Steve and his wife are founding members of Keller Williams Realty in Champaign. They had recently brought on a new agent, who shared about her previous experiences working with Justin.

Justin Gensler, INB Mortgage in Champaign“She had nothing but good things to say,” Steve recalled. “When someone raves about another person, we want to meet them. We sat down with Justin, and he told us about his long-term goals and it went hand-in-hand with our long-term goals.”

Kudos for Work Well Done

That was three years ago, and since then, Steve and Justin, NMLS# 611367, have worked on many home purchases together. In that time, Steve said he has continued to be impressed at the integrity and diligence he’s seen from both Justin and the INB Mortgage Department.

“INB goes to the mat for you. We all have easy deals that float through, and those are great. When a person proves their worth is when you have a deal that is not easy. That’s where Justin has come through again and again,” Steve said. “He’s good about saying things like ‘We aren’t able to do that loan now, but in six months, if you do this and this, we can look at it again in a new way.’ That helps our clients to know that the lender we sent them to is looking out for their best interest.” 

As an example, recently a young couple who was engaged to be married was purchasing a new home with a VA loan. Three weeks before the closing was scheduled, the VA underwriter said it couldn’t be done, due to several reasons. Justin spent a lot of time and effort ensuring the couple could buy the house as planned, and the purchase ended up going through.

Doing What We Say, Saying What We Do

Steve said he has the utmost respect for INB.

“When they tell us they can do something, they do it,” he said. “There’s nothing worse in real estate than a mortgage company pushing dates or processes back or taking back what they said they would do. That becomes a domino effect and really impacts people’s lives when one person or institution doesn’t uphold their word. We’ve never once had that happen with INB or Justin.”

Through INB Mortgage, Justin ensures that the needs of both Steve and his clients are taken care of.

“What I like about Justin is that he’s engaged. He’s always thinking about how he can help your business, and a lot of times we just don’t see that with lenders,” Steve said. “We certainly enjoy our relationship with Justin and INB and look forward to many more years.”

Justin Gensler NMLS #611367
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