Alyssa Herman, Business SolutionsWhile high school classmates were considering career paths, Alyssa Herman found her calling through an internship. She says: “I had an internship at the local bank when I was in high school, so I’d have to say that my interest began back then!  Once in college, I took my first finance class and then knew this was the career that I wanted!  I like the forward looking, planning, and visioning aspects that a career in finance/banking offers you!”

Yes that’s two exclamation marks from Alyssa, INB’s new senior vice president of business solutions. She truly loves helping businesses solve problems.  She recalls a time when, during a typical annual review with a client, one of the managers at the organization commented they were receiving customer service complaints because payment processors couldn’t get weekend mail posted to clients’ accounts until mid-week.  She says, “This opened the door for me to start the conversation of utilizing the bank’s lockbox services to post their items more quickly and reduce the number of customer complaints.  I was able to get senior management on board, and we implemented lockbox for this client.  This service provided many benefits to their payment processors, and also their customer service and management staff.”

Plans to Help Local Business Owners

Alyssa, a Certified Treasury Professional, recently joined the INB staff because she liked the concept of having direct access to the bank’s executive leadership.  “This was a real difference maker for me!” She finds INB’s speed and nimbleness surprisingly refreshing.

Over the next six to 12 months, Alyssa plans to introduce a few new key treasury products to our offering to help the bank establish more business relationships.

Central Illinois has always been Alyssa’s home.  She grew up in a little farm town of 700 people about 30 miles south of Kankakee, IL.  She went to college at Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, met her husband, and made Peoria her home.  Alyssa works from our Peoria location.

Passion Carries Over to Community

Alyssa brings the same passion she has for her job to her support of the Central Illinois Autism Association where she serves as treasurer. She explains: “I am very passionate about autism awareness and early intervention!  My interest in this area began when a good friend of ours had a son that got diagnosed with autism at a very young age.  This exposed me to a world that I, quite frankly, didn’t know much about.”

She continues:  “At about the same time, I was looking for a non-profit organization to get involved with so the Central Illinois Autism Association seemed like a good fit.  I was able to learn a great deal about the disorder, the services available to help treat individuals, and also the great support systems that are in our community to help not only the individuals but also the families.   Through the knowledge gained, and the network that I built, my husband and I were able to quickly identify when our oldest son had a minor speech delay and some behavior issues.  . . .   I feel that I can help spread the word about how critical early intervention is during the first couple years of a child’s life!  It can be so influential in the trajectory of their life!”

In additional to her work with the autism association, Alyssa serves as board president of Peoria Country Care & Treatment of Persons with Disabilities. She is a board member of the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Easter Seals Foundation Fiscal Committee.