New Champaign Branch Manager Combines Fashion and Finance


By Matt Henton
Marketing Intern

Lindsey Flessner, INB Champaign branch managerOne of the things that makes INB so unique is the diversity of our employees’ experiences, and our newest employee has carved her own path. Lindsey Flessner, Champaign’s new branch manager, has 15 years’ worth of experiences to bring to the table when she helps our customers. From working in New York to managing fashion boutiques, Lindsay knows what it takes to make sure customers have the best experience possible when they come to bank with us.

“I find that I am most successful when I can adapt to the environment, be a team player and be active in the community. As such, the relationships and friendships that I have made and built in the community though the years have helped to get me to where I am now. One of greatest things I have ever done was my international travels and study abroad trip to Italy during my Fashion Marketing and Management studies. I was able to experience Milan Fashion week, visit vineyards near Florence and experience the wonderful history and culture of both those great cities. Additionally, one of my greatest experiences was living in NYC and working for Details magazine in its fashion closet where I got to experience ins and outs of a typical photo shoots.”

Lindsey grew up right outside of St. Joseph, Ill. Growing up around Champaign Urbana, she felt called to the University of Illinois. After four years, she earned her B.S. in agricultural finance and jumped straight into working. After working at Busey Bank as a commercial lender for four years she decided to go back to college. She earned a B.A. in Fashion Marketing and Management.

After that, Lindsay used her fashion and marketing degree to manage several major retail outlets in the Champaign-Urbana area. She recently began looking for a banking position again, and INB seemed to be the perfect fit. She says, “I get to work with customers, build relationships, help people, and get involved with the community, something her retail jobs didn’t allow time for.” Lindsey regularly plays with her nieces and nephew, while visiting her twin sister and her older sister. Lindsey’s favorite thing about Champaign is the fact that it has a small town feel with the same amenities that a big town with a popular university can give you.

Senior Vice President Kathy Greer said, “I feel her ability to quickly learn new things, in conjunction with her outgoing personality and proven sales skills, will enable her to promote the bank within the branch and also as she is making contacts with potential banking prospects. While it doesn’t seem that her past experiences would translate at all, I feel that the customer service aspect of both is basically the same. As we talked with Lindsey about a position within the bank, we uncovered a lot of common ground related to how we approach customer service and building customer relationships. We’re happy to have Lindsey on our team and we can’t wait to see what she can do!”

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