Save More by Turning Pocket Change from Junk to Real Savings


By: Marsha Shomidie
VP, Pleasant Plains Branch Manager

Pocket Change; blog art

Okay, raise your hand if you take the coins out of your pocket at night and throw them in an old coffee can.  Oh, you use a fish bowl instead?  Raise your hand, too.

Nobody likes to walk around with a lot of loose change in their pocket, so it’s customary to empty your pockets at night and throw everything into the designated “change pot.”  When the container gets full, you take it to the bank’s coin counter and make a savings account deposit.

You can cut out the middleman – the container – and save an easier way.  Each time you use your INB VISA Debit card, INB will round up the purchase and move the “pocket change” into your savings account at the end of each day.  Over time, watch your pennies grow into real savings.  All you have to do is let your INB banker know you’re interested in the Pocket Change Program, and he or she will sign you up.

From Jan. 1 to Oct. 31, 2014, about $85,000 worth of “pocket change” was moved directly to INB customers’ savings accounts as result of over 75,000 debit card transactions. Wouldn’t you like to save the modern, easy way?  It’ll not only save your pockets from some wear and tear, it will also save your back on the wear and tear of carrying that big can of coins into the bank.

If you have questions about the Pocket Change Program, please call INB at 217-747-5500 and ask to speak with one of our bankers.


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