Personal Wealth Lounge Offers Wealth of Ideas


By Debbie Shelton
Senior Vice President/Branch Manager

My colPWL article imageleagues at INB had many discussions before naming the Personal Wealth Lounge on the bank’s website.  They knew they were developing tools to help people of all circumstances plan for a future – a future where a lack of money wouldn’t keep them from their dreams. Yet what to name it? Some of our original ideas:

• A Savers’ Place
• Budget, Save…  Here
• Happy Savings, Happy Life

But none of these were right.  We kept going back to the word “Wealth.”  It’s really what this section of our Resource Center is all about.  But how could we use “wealth” without sounding pretentious?  Usually people use the word to describe someone who has an abundance of money, and we’d built the site for the everyday person.  As a matter of fact, that’s probably why the word “wealth” was resonating with us.  We’d done our homework and knew the word’s true meaning.  “Wealth” comes from the word “health” which means happiness.  And we had built tools to help anyone use their income in a better way… and ultimately not let money – or the lack thereof – get in the way of happiness.  For example, we know:

• You don’t have to make millions to be a millionaire.  Almost anyone can save millions by the time they retire.
• You don’t have to live on credit.  You can live comfortably yet make all purchases with cash.
• You don’t have to be a “titan of industry,” to own a sports car or other vehicle of your dreams. Anyone can own the best.

It’s all possible with a plan, self-control and the desire to meet any goal.   Take the first step toward the true meaning of wealth — a wealth of happiness — by visiting INB’s Personal Wealth Lounge.

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