Dogs are some of our favorite customers

By Jamie Singer, Vice President, Treasury Services Manager, NMLS # 662910

Dogs are like kids.  They know when they’re at the bank because we always have a treat for them.

dogs are some of our favorite customers - blogWhen they come to INB locations in the Springfield area, dog treats are made with an extra bit of love thanks to the Beg-O-Bone program offered through Sparc, a local non-profit enriching the lives of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

We started buying our dog treats from Sparc so many years ago I can’t remember anymore!  When we learned the organization was offering the program, it wasn’t even a question of cost or convenience.  We already gave “our dogs” biscuits, and now we could help the community by buying local from a great social services organization.  I do remember Sparc offered to put our logo on the treats, but we decided against that since the dogs wouldn’t know one way or the other.

And here we are many years later, making regular trips to Sparc to get our Beg-O-Bones.  It’s so worth it when I hear these stories:

Dee Jason, our Riverton and Mt. Pulaski Branch Manager, tells of the tiny dog that’s so excited every time his owner comes to the bank that he almost crawls into the drawer.  Dee says, “All the dogs that come through can hardly contain their excitement….they just wiggle-wiggle-wiggle.”

Valerie Woodrum, our Montvale and Downtown Drive Manager, reiterates the love between a dog and its treats: “Our dogs LOVE the treats!  We have some that start barking at the beginning of the drive thru lane in expectation of getting their treat!  Funny that they know where they are and what they will receive.  They are more excited than the children are to get suckers.”

Wabash Teller Sheila Brackensick poetically writes:

Some dogs bark
Some stare
Some sit polite and wait
And some just go crazy!
All in all
Not a one doesn’t want their Sparc dog treat.

At our North Branch, Manager Donna Smith says she goes through several 5-pound bags of biscuits every year.   “We know most of the dogs by name.  For example;  Marvin the pincher stands there waiting patiently on the console making sure you see him.  Lola the boxer will cry if you don’t see her and give her a biscuit and/or a sucker which she really likes too.  Cowboy, the tiny little bundle of white fur, looks like a big snowball.   We look forward to seeing them frequently and we love them all.”

In Pleasant Plains, Branch Manager Marsha Shomidie says some of the dogs come inside!  “There are a couple in particular that are regulars, and memorable ones at that! There is Quigley, a small dog that looks like a little teddy bear. He patiently waits for us to finish his owner’s transaction before getting his Sparc Dog Treat! Then there is an English Pointer whose owner walks him through the drive. When we open the drawer, he jumps up and gets his treat out all by himself. We love seeing them so happy to be at the bank; they know what’s coming!”

Yes, I’d say we have as much fun watching the dogs as they do getting their treats!

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