Peoria Commercial Shoot


Behind the Scenes of Our Commercial Shoot
Adam Lofgren
Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lending, NMLS # 1087502

When I was asked to suggest a mortgage client who would be willing to appear in a commercial about the bank, I immediately thought of Mike and Ashley Gavic, a young couple who’d recently worked with me to buy a home in the Woodcrest Subdivision in Peoria.  They both had been enjoyable to work with, asking smart questions, but not afraid to ask the basic ones either.  They had worked hard to afford the beautiful home they ultimately bought together.  I felt confident they’d had a good INB experience and would be willing to let us showcase both the home and what it means to be an INBPeoria commercial shoot - blog R1 mortgage customer.

As I expected, they readily agreed, and within just two weeks, we were at their house with the cameraman/production expert, ready to start the commercial experience.

Mike works for Bradley University as an admissions counselor, but he was kind enough to leave the office early on a truly gorgeous spring day.  Ashley was even more kind, waking up early.  She typically sleeps through the afternoon as she’s a chemist who works third shift at Caterpillar. She bounced down the stairs, ready to show off her new house.

While our set directors headed to the store for a glass ice tea pitcher, I got a chance to talk with Mike and Ashley and meet their dog.  She’s a rescue dog, so she was shy, staying close to Ashley or opting to sit on the deck.  Eventually, she made her way into the house and into the commercial.

Our producer expertly set up the lights and camera, turned the kitchen table into the perfect place to chop and mix and salad, and began giving Mike and Ashley their cues.  “Mike, you’re just getting in from work with a bag of groceries.  Ashley, you’re making the tea…. Rolling.”  Once.  Good.  Twice.  Great.  But we always shot a scene three times.

Now let’s make that salad.  We learned Mike typically does make the salad.  With Ashley working until early morning and then sleeping while Mike’s  at work, she’s grown accustomed to him making dinner before they spend their evenings together.

But this afternoon they got an early start.  Mike showed off his carrot-chopping skills, then the salad bowls were artistically arranged for the camera.  Ashley was given her seat.  Mike was given his instructions.  Give Ashley her bowl, but then walk around the table behind her, touch her stomach and give her a big kiss.  While Mike had been good with all the other instructions, he was especially good with this set.

Why the belly rub?  Guess you’ll have to wait for the commercial to find out.

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