Integris-Commercial-photoWhen we started talking about Peoria businesses that might be willing to appear in an INB commercial, at the top of my list was Integris Engineering.  I’d known the co-founders, Jamie Adams and Andy Berberich, since 2012.

Integris Engineering is literally tucked away in an industrial park down the road from Peoria’s famed Par-A-Dice Casino.  From its non-descript building to its straight forward furnishings and décor, it’s hard to imagine the futuristic work going on inside. Unfortunately most of it is so futuristic, we can’t tell you about it.

Thus, the rub.  There’s this cutting edge engineering group that does business with us . . . but we can’t reciprocate in the way we’d like because so much of what they do is confidential.  Clients.  Projects.  All quiet.

We can tell you Integris is engineer owned.  The company develops its own products.  The team assists in the creation of startup companies and partner with existing companies.  Integris helps companies engineer products to marginalize the competition. Integris builds proof of concept, prototypes and production products.

But how could we highlight that in a 30-second TV commercial if we couldn’t highlight any of the company’s clients or projects?

Of course, the engineers had a plan.  “What could we build for INB that we could showcase?” they asked.

Hum.  What could they build for a bank?  We’re not a manufacturer . . . we don’t need a better way to send things down the assembly line.  We’re not a power plant . . . no need to look at producing power more efficiently.  We’re not farmers . . .  No need to improve the effectiveness of our equipment or acreage.

For these other industries, Integris builds prototypes and proofs of concepts using a 3D printer. 3D printers read blueprints and lay down layers of liquid in a series of cross sections until an object is formed.  So what could Integris build for INB on its nifty printer?

Since Integris prides itself on taking on solving problems others can’t solve, we just had to ask, “Can you make a pig fly?”

Integris assembled a team, with Principals Jamie Adams and Andy Berberich taking leading roles.  Nikkie Shaw was assigned as project manager.  Product Design Engineer Ed Holt was there for us, and so was Resource Manager Mike Grossen.  Principal Engineer, Modeling and Simulation, Steven Hoyt was definitely on board.  But when we walked in for our final flight and commercial shoot, it was clear that virtually everyone on staff had had a role in making the INB pig fly. There were prototypes everywhere!

They took the INB project through the typical production steps: discovering our need, brainstorming solutions, outlining possibilities, narrowing those down, touching base with the client, building prototypes, showing proofs of concept, then, finally presenting the finished product.

As you watch the INB commercial, you see Integris walk INB staff through these many steps.  In the end, you see Integris’ own unique take on a flying pig.

Can pigs really fly?  Wikipedia claims the phrase “is an adynaton … a figure of speech describing something that’s impossible.”  Some of us at INB beg to differ. We’ve seen the pig fly . . . and crash!  As a bank, we’ve seen clients make all kinds of dreams realities.  Integris is one of those “dreamers” who doesn’t know “no.”  Thanks for the flying pig!