Keeping the ring going, thanks to BaZing


By Natalie Dodson
Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lending
NMLS #574151

Emily Francis Bazing story - feature artWith smart phones being so much more to most of us than just phones, it’s no surprise my co-worker, Emily Francis, treasury services associate, was perturbed as her phone went totally dark when she was out of town this past spring.  She told us it wouldn’t turn on, it wouldn’t charge, it wouldn’t do anything.

One of her first stops when she got back to town was the phone store.  She added, “I paid a lot of money for a new phone since I was still under contract.”

Later, Emily remembered BaZing offered cell phone insurance.  Since Emily is an INB Power Checking Account Customer, she logged into the BaZing website, printed out the forms, and mailed them in. “I was skeptical because it almost seemed too easy,” she says. “All I did was fill out a small form of the incident; send a copy of my bank statement showing a monthly cell phone bill payment to AT&T, and a copy of the receipt for the new phone I purchased.”

When Emily hadn’t heard back from BaZing after a couple of weeks, she emailed customer service. She quickly got a reply stating her claim had been accepted, and she had a $200 check on its way in the mail!

Emily says, “It was that easy and definitely helped with the cost of the new phone!”

A cell phone benefit is just one of the protection services offered as part of INB’s Power and Power Plus checking accounts and requires that you pay your monthly cell phone bill through your INB checking account.*  For a complete list of BaZing benefits, — including roadside assistance and pharmacy savings — visit our website.

*The cell phone benefit is subject to additional terms and conditions.

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