Why we’re calling it “Apple Season” at INB


By Pat Phalen
Executive Vice President, NMLS #662901

WICSBigBox-INBApplePayApple Inc. has long been known for being in the forefront of technology.  Personal computers to smartphones, iPods® to tablets . . . Apple® led the way.  The future is anyone’s guess, but given past performance, we expect Apple’s most recent developments will play a role how we work, play and live going forward.  That’s why INB has embraced Apple Pay™ and Apple Watch®.  We believe both developments will excel on their own or lead to future product development that will become part of our everyday lives.

That’s why we’re celebrating “Apple Season” at INB.  Not only is it the wonderful fall season, but it’s also our time to introduce a banking app for Apple Watch and remind you to add your INB debit card to Apple Pay.

Why is INB on Apple Watch?

Apple touts the Apple Watch as its “most personal device yet.”  Interactions and technologies “let you do familiar things more quickly and conveniently. As well as some things that simply weren’t possible before.”

One of the key “couldn’t do befores” is the device’s ability to monitor your activity.  The Activity app helps motivate you to “sit less, move more, and get some exercise.”  But it doesn’t just count your time at the gym; it measures all your movements.  The Activity rings that make up the Activity app show you your daily movement, exercise and standing times.  Your goal is to complete each ring each day.  Other health reminders include:

  • An indicator that lets you know when you’ve been sitting too long.
  • Advice on resetting move goals based on your personal history.
  • Real-time stats including time, distance, calories, pace and speed.
  • An accelerometer to measure total body movement and steps to calculate the calories you burn during the activities you do throughout the day.
  • Personalized feedback to keep you moving.

Financial Fitness Part of the Plan

It’s this emphasis on fitness that intrigued us most about the Apple Watch®.  While we’re not physical fitness professionals, we are financial health experts who believe that financial health can be an important factor in good physical health.  Money stresses people out!  One website, the Statistic Brain, reports 77 percent of all physical pain is caused by stress.

We can do better!  At INB, we believe a healthy financial picture helps lead to a happy, healthy life.  That’s why we support tools like Apple Watch which provide instant feedback on health-related topics . . . including your INB accounts.  With Apple Watch, you can monitor your movement and heart rate and track your calories.  With the INB App on the device, you can get alerts on account activity and have account balance information instantly accessible.  As with the health features of Apple Watch, knowledge is power.

Everyone Gets a Chance to Win

Here’s your chance to own an Apple Watch.  Register here for a chance to win.  Be sure to read our contest rules.

Other prizes include an i-Pad mini™ 3 and a $100 iTunes® gift card.

Yes, it’s Apple Season at INB.  Here’s to a happy, healthy fall.


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