INB joins Peoria campaign: ‘I’ve Decided’


By Adam Lofgren
Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lending
NMLS # 1087502

I've Decided Because I Can logo“I’ve Decided” is a campaign powered by Peoria area businesses and organizations. The group’s members have a goal of leading by example, providing ongoing resources to the community, and motivating people to successfully complete a positive lifestyle choice. INB recently decided to get behind the effort because we, too, believe in helping people be the best version of themselves.

How many times have you tried to change something about yourself but just couldn’t do it alone? “I’ve Decided” offers help on everything from losing weight to financial health and being more fulfilled at work to being a better spouse. The organization is holding its second annual motivational conference from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Jan. 23 at the Peoria Civic Center. Everyone is invited to register and attend.

The daylong agenda will encourage you to dream big, set goals and take action.

Keynote speaker, author Jones Loflin, will provide ideas and solutions on how to handle work and life challenges. And he’ll do it in a humorous, unforgettable way.

Breakout Session speakers include:

  • Leading local health and fitness experts Kim Martin, Heather Fitzanko and Brian Bobbit. This trio will talk to you about how your metabolism works and how you can find an exercise you enjoy.
  • English profession and owner of Brownstone Publications Chequita Brown will help you start writing the book that’s in your head.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapist Amy Fischer and Bryan Blanks will help you think about your “discomfort zone” and show you how facing it head on could help you discover the real you.
  • Home-based sales director Heather Rose will tell you how you can not only unlock your full potential, but make it explode as you let the world see what you’re capable of.

I’ll be at the conference with some of my bank colleagues. I look forward to seeing you there.

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