ATT00001Someone new is working out of our office, and along with a new face are new ideas.

Stacy Borho is our new mortgage loan officer. She brought with her a program called “I’ve Decided Because I Can,” and INB quickly jumped on board as a program sponsor. The sponsorship allowed us to attend the organization’s second annual motivational conference.

With goals of leading by example, providing ongoing resources to the community, and motivating people to successfully complete a positive lifestyle choice, it’s no surprise the conference was designed to pump participants up and show them they are capable of anything once “they decide” to do it.

While held at the Peoria Civic Center, this was not your typical Civic Center event. The entire Saturday program was centered on driving a stake in the ground and making a decision to live a better life, achieving goals and living out dreams. The breakout sessions offered different opportunities for us to use as tools as we “decide.”

Even the emcee was chosen because he “decided” to make the most of a tragedy in his life by creating an opportunity for a career as a comedian/motivational speaker. He was a gifted athlete, working towards his dream career, when he laid down and didn’t wake up for three days. Following the coma, he had brain surgery, years of rehab and life in a wheelchair with limited use of his right side. But he decided to look on the RIGHT side of things, and now loves his life.

The keynote speaker has helped people regain confidence in their ability to achieve greater success in work and life. He has written several books, which provide a fresh way for organizations to get the results they are hungry for. He explained how success in life is being passionate about family, spiritual beliefs, career and relationships. We now have a signed copy of his latest book in the office to share.

One of the breakout speakers owns a chain of fitness facilities for women. While she may have success as a business woman, she is a tremendous speaker who, no doubt, can inspire women to be stronger and healthier.

Even the typical “convention floor” at the conference was atypical. All the companies that had a booth were hand-picked by I’ve Decided’s director because they demonstrate a genuine desire to help people of the community achieve their goals, such as health, spiritual and financial wellness.

The event was attended by over 300 people, and the Peoria INB staff had the chance to meet many of these wonderful people throughout the day. There was the adorable 6-year-old girl who couldn’t walk who made the decision to not let her disability get her down. She made it all the way up the aisle and onto the stage. She touched our hearts. There was a sweet lady, “Ruth,” who was full of energy and inspiration; another soft-spoken lady who inspired us to make small changes towards healthy living by providing us samples of her essential oils. Then there were the 6th and 7th graders who make up The Pulse of Peoria Drumline. They decided to be fantastic. And they were!

Thanks to Stacy for introducing us to “I’ve Decided.” It’s always good to look at where we are in life, envision where we want to be, and map our strategy for getting there. Of course, the first step is deciding you can do it.