Nigel's text messageMy son was days away from 21. With that major milestone on the horizon, he zipped off from his fall break, anxious to get back to school and his friends. After a week of enjoying a house to himself instead of sharing space with 50 plus other “boy-men,” the quiet, game playing and hanging out with his sisters and extended family were over. He exclaimed, “See you in a few weeks!” as he loaded clean clothes and provisions into the car.

Within 24 hours, I got the text message. “Can you send me over some survival/birthday money?”

Had he asked the day before, I could have written a check, gone to an ATM for cash . . . or even stopped at the teller window and made a withdrawal. After all, I work in a bank. But now he was 90 miles away, and it wasn’t going to be that simple.

I could go to his bank and make a deposit. That would require leaving my bank, getting into my car, and walking into his bank. Because, as you might guess, I didn’t have a deposit slip or an account number.

But then I remembered another option: I could just “pop him” some money.

Popmoney is a personal payment service available in your INB online or mobile banking account. Just log into your account, click the “Move Money” tab and choose “External Transfer.” It’s simply titled, “Pay People.” On the mobile app, it’s even simpler. Just look for “Pay People.”

Once there, all you need is an email address or cell phone number to send someone money. While its “inventors” looked at it as a way to pay friends, split expenses and send last-minute gifts, I can say Popmoney is also ideal for giving your kids money. It’s also a good way to assure you still get “Thanks” and “Love you” from your son.

PS – About the text message: The shoe . . . Showing him the shoes he’d ordered for his sister’s wedding had arrived. And Nigel Thornberry . . . my son’s cell phone pseudonym. Apparently a joke with his friends that has stuck in my phone from his phone because we once shared a cloud. Nigel looked very spiffy in his fancy shoes.