A Random Wednesday Like No Other


By Donna Smith
VP, North Dirksen Parkway Branch Manager
NMLS # 662912

Montvale Random ActsGoogle “Random Acts of Kindness” and you’ll find the internet is full of heartwarming stories about people who give for no reason other than it feels good. In most cases, a simple act of kindness makes everyone involved feel very, very good about their day. In some cases, small acts of kindness save lives.

INB personnel like to act kindly every day, but it’s not every day that the bankers and tellers get to spread cheer by handing out gift cards. On Random Acts of Kindness Day, Feb. 17, branch staff members were given thank you notes with two gift cards. We were told to distribute them throughout the day at both the teller windows and drive-thrus. The note instructed the recipient to use one gift card themselves, and give the second to another, random person.

The results?

Marsha Shomidie, our Pleasant Plains Branch Manager (NMLS # 662908), said it was a fun day for her and her staff. “Our customers thought it was great we were doing this and very appreciative of the gift cards. One of our customers told us they never had anyone do this before to them and smiled . . . Another customer couldn’t wait to hand theirs out to make someone else’s day.”

Dee Jason, NMLS # 662874, always gets double the fun with her duel-duties as branch manager in both Mt. Pulaski and Riverton. “Both our customers and the employees really enjoyed this day,” Dee says. Customers thought this was a really neat thing for INB to do, and the employees were so excited to be able to participate.”

While we encouraged recipients to share their stories on our social media pages, some chose to simply share their happiness with their own Facebook community. “Aimee (Craft, assistant branch manager) saw friends sharing messages about their banking surprise on their personal Facebook pages.

Several customers did take the time to post comments on the bank’s Facebook page. One wrote: “What a nice surprise….when my hubby went to our bank, Illinois National Bank in Fairmount this morning he was given this card (pictured on Facebook). Thank you INB! We love our bank and the great ladies who work there! We were on our way to Walmart so I gave one of the cards to a little gal there. It brought a sweet smile to her face! ‪#‎randomactsofkindness‬ ‪#‎passiton‬‬‬‬‬

More smiles

So they were smiling in Pleasant Plains, Mt. Pulaski, Riverton and Fairmount. How about Springfield? Our Montvale Branch Manager Valerie Woodrum (NMLS # 662920) says, “We had a wonderful day at work! The entire staff at INB enjoyed sharing Random Acts of Kindness with our customers. It was refreshing to see the excitement on our customer’s faces. I cannot count the number of times a customer said that we made their day by showing some kindness and appreciation for them.

You’ll see some happy Montvale customers pictured with this post:  Eric Allard receives his gift cards from Teller Marjorie Woods; Happy winners Eileen Shaheen (top) and Vickie Hayes (bottom).

“Kathleen McCree even shared a great story. When she goes to a restaurant, from time to time, she will pay for elderly customers who are in line behind her. What a wonderful story to hear!! A little bit of kindness can go a long way to make somebody feel so happy….and the best part about our event was they got to continue that feeling by sharing a gift card with someone else!”

For me, the day was punctuated with phone calls and visits from people just wanting to say, “Thanks.” All I could say is, “Customers, we couldn’t do it without you!”

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