payment with smart watchRemember when “banking” meant actually walking into a bank to cash a check or deposit your paycheck? Thanks to technology, “banking” is no longer a Saturday morning chore, but an experience you can have at any time. INB has always been on the forefront of banking technology, constantly seeking new ways to improve your banking experience.

Recently, we’ve implemented a number of technology changes that put you more in charge of your banking than ever before. While we’ve introduced these changes individually, we thought it was time to outline all the newest technology bells and whistles available to our customers.

App Features Expand

You usually have your phone with you, so why not use it to make banking easier! Have you deposited a check using our mobile app? Mobile check deposit is simple and free. Check out our short video (It’s just over a minute.) which gives step-by-step instructions.

We’ve even made the process of “logging in” easier for anyone with a phone or device that supports Apple’s Touch ID. Learn how to take advantage of this feature.

Monitoring Accounts Easy with Apple Watch and Android Wear

If you’re into health and fitness, you may already own an Apple or Android Watch. Did you know there’s an INB app for that? Download it where you get your apps, and begin monitoring your bank accounts just like you monitor your daily steps. Learn more here.

Quick Balance Available Across Devices

If you have the newest version of our mobile banking app on you device, you no longer need to log in to see your account balances. Simply go to the app’s setting page and enable, “Quick Balance.” You’ll need to do this for each of your devices that include the INB app. Once enabled, you can view recent transactions and your balance, by swiping down on the login page.

The Quick Balance page will display the current and available balances for checking and savings accounts. For loan accounts and credit cards, it also displays the due date and minimum amount due.

Payment Methods Make Shopping Easy

How do you like to pay? You can use your INB debit card for both Apple Pay and Visa CheckOut. Apple Pay makes payments as easy as holding your phone up to a merchant’s payment terminal. Visa CheckOut allows you to shop online and check out without the hassles of continually providing your personal data and debit card number to the vendor.

Another payment method, PopMoney, allows you to make payments to anyone with an email address or cell phone number. If you want to avoid the hassle of carrying cash or writing checks, PopMoney could work well when it comes time to split an expense or pay friends.

INB is always looking at ways to make use technology and improve your banking experience. But at the end of the day, we want to provide the technological features and benefits that you want. Please email me with your thoughts on how we can improve banking with INB.