Share How You Save and Get a Chance to Win Visa Gift Card


By Cayla Keyes
South Sixth Branch Manager

It’s fun telling someone about your bargains. That new outfit? It was a steal at the department store. Your new phone? Well your carrier was offering it free! Your shiny new car? You practically stole it!

Why not earn a chance to win when you share your saving stories? We’re offering that chance right now when you share your story on how you used your BaZing savings program – a component of your INB checking account.

June 1 to 28, go to our website, and click the link to the BaZing Saver’s Story Contest. Then tell us very simply what you saved. Our bank staff shared their Saver’s Stories. Here’s what they wrote:

“I went with my 18 year son to have his oil changed. It was going to be his first time paying for it himself so he wasn’t very happy. When we got there and I was able to use Bazing to save him about $20, he was so excited that he bought me coffee.”

“I took advantage of 10% off a gift card at (a chain restaurant) today! Great deal especially at Christmas time!”

“I can save on eyeglasses from a provider I already use.”

“(I) went to an outlet mall to start my Christmas shopping! Not only did I save $5 on the mall coupon book (making it free to me), I saved quite a bit of money in other savings at each store!!! I was very pleased and excited!!!!”

“This weekend I had to babysit some younger family members. They were a little rowdy and I was unsure of what to do. I happened to check my BaZing and it had a buy one admission get one free for admission to a local indoor playground for kids!!! It saved me a bunch of money and they had a blast. I was the cool stepsister. So it worked out for all of us. Best part is they were so exhausted from running around, that they went and took a nap. Win Win :)”

To enter your story for a chance to win a $100 and $500 Visa Gift Card, click here.

Interested in savings? Activate your BaZing account. Visit our website for more details on BaZing Savings.

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