Couple for romantic Dinner or lunch in a gourmet restaurant

When my husband Nathan and I had the opportunity for a rare evening out, we turned to the Purchase Rewards program to help us decide where to go to dinner.

Purchase Rewards is a program through INB checking accounts that offers deals when you shop through participating vendors. When we saw that eating at Olive Garden would give us 10% cash back on our dinner purchase, we enjoyed a lovely evening together filled with Italian food and good wine!

Current Purchase Reward offers can be found in your INB online banking account. Simply log in to online banking and click to the Purchase Rewards section to view participating offers and select any offers you are interested in. You can do the same on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll find Purchase Rewards under the “more” tab.

The assortment of offers from vendors like Starbucks, Bob Evans or change regularly, anywhere from monthly to quarterly.

Once you manually select the offer to add to your account, all you need to do is visit the vendor and pay with your INB debit card. Then at the end of the month, you’ll see Purchase Rewards added to your checking account!

In 2015, INB online banking customers redeemed 1,848 offers from the Purchase Rewards program to receive a total of $5,440.37 in cash back.

With the INB Purchase Rewards offers, the deals are right in front of you with direct access from your phone or computer, so you don’t have to go digging for coupons from individual retailers.

The offers are especially helpful to take advantage of when shopping for gifts at birthdays or the holiday season. Receiving cash back in January from holiday purchases made in November and December is always exciting!

For shopping trips or date nights with my husband, INB’s Purchase Rewards program is the first place I will check, so I know I’m maximizing my purchases and receiving cash back from all available offers!