Lender Spells Football ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T’


By Adam Lofgren
Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lending
NMLS # 1087502

ALofgren-footballWhen you choose to be a high school football player, there’s the structure, the pain, the exhaustion. I know. I’ve been there. I was once a high school football player at Richwoods High School. I learned a lot of great life lessons from Coach Simper. How to work as a team. Leadership. And, mostly, respect.

Just out of middle school, I didn’t realize what I didn’t know. Coach was a very detail-oriented person. The word “Yea,” didn’t cut it, for example. It was “Yes, Sir.”

Football was my life, leaving very little time for anything else. Film in the morning before school. Practice after school. Home for dinner then bed. Then we did it again. And I loved it all.

Not only did coach train us to be good men, he taught us to play a great football game. My positions were wide receiver and defensive back. We won conference my junior and senior year. We only lost one game my senior year in 2004. At the time, Richwoods was THE Peoria football team. We were # 1; people paid attention so the media paid attention. It was awesome to see the team make the highlight reels on the local sports. I’m proud to say one of my teammates is now a Chicago Bear.

I came back to live in Peoria after college because this is where my friends and family are. Football is an activity that continues to bring us together. I’m very excited that INB chose to sponsor Red Zone High School Football on GLO 95.5. It’s like reliving my past a little bit . . . without the pain of weight training and running! It brings back all kinds of good memories. Only it’s a different kind of fun when you’re part of it as a fan. I’ve definitely gone full circle.

I have a goal of making it to this year’s Peoria Richwoods – Notre Dame game. But if I miss it, you can bet I’ll be part of the alumni football game planned for 2017 where Richwoods alumni will play Peoria Notre Dame alumni. I’m expecting this event will give me another great football memory.

Until then, I’ll be listening to Illinois National Bank High School Football on 95.5.

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