When our banking staff heard Oct. 1 is International Frugal Fun Day, they were happy to share their ideas on how to have fun, frugally.

Kyle Pfeifer, financial risk consultant, recommends sports and video games for anyone looking for cheap fun. Very specifically, playing Pokémon Go while going for a walk, jog, run, or bike ride can make for cheap fun AND give you some exercise. Football season is in full swing, and Kyle has a few recommendations for frugal fun relating to football. Tossing a football around with friends is another way to get some cheap and fun exercise, or for the ultimate fun AND lazy, Kyle recommends playing football video games, playing fantasy football, or watching collegiate and/or professional football on TV.

Another member of our accounting team, Alex Reljic, says he likes Kyle’s advice but adds, “A bonfire is a great, cheap activity this time of year.”

family picturePleasant Plains Universal Banker Lacey Sorrill suggests a couple of frugal fun activities for parents of small kids. “Take a nature hike. Play on a local playground.” If your kids are a bit older, you can also look into volunteer opportunities. Most of these start out as work, but end in a great time.

girl with pumpkinsNate (operations officer) and Lindsay (communications coordinator) Van Zele have found some very specific entertainment for them and their young daughters; they visit a pumpkin patch west of Springfield. Lindsay says the girls get to explore over 10 acres of pumpkins and pick theirs right off the vine. You’ll hear live music, take a barn tours, ride a tractor and eat and drink free popcorn with apple cider. Admission is free to many patches, but you might pay for additional activities like a corn and bean maze, petting zoo, wagon rides and kids’ activity areas.

country livingNorth Branch Teller Supervisor Gretchen Cromwell lived frugally for some years so she could create her own, everyday fun with her family. She says, “We moved out to our dream house three years ago.
We had built up equity into our first home, and saved all that we could so that someday, when the right place presented itself, we could buy our slice of heaven.” gretchen-horsesShe tells her story with a series of photos.

They slowly added animals to our farm and now, the animals are her family’s fun. Sometimes the boys go out and ride the horses:
gretchen-kittensPlay with Kittens:

Play with the chickens, and collect eggs:gretchen-chickens

Or, if friends comer over, they do all of that and, climb on the hay bales:gretchen8

Looking for other ideas? Visit frugalfun.com.