Mary Luft Takes on New Role for INB


By Valerie Woodrum
VP, Retail Operations and Process Improvement, and Branch Manager
NMLS # 662920

We have a new Branch Operations Officer at our Montvale branch, but the face behind the title is a familiar one. Mary Luft was recently promoted to the new position.

Mary joined the banking profession 21 years ago. She says, “I had my son when I was 19, so I was in a job training program that helped young moms find jobs that would have potential for us to move up. They placed me at a local bank as a teller. That was in 1996, and I have been working in banking ever since. 21 one years later, I can now say the program worked for me.”

Mary was working for Capitol Community Banks when INB acquired it in 2008. She said it started as a scary and stressful time because of the uncertainty of her job or where she would be placed. But she landed in a great spot, working with friendly and helpful coworkers. INB placed her on our Montvale team as a personal banker. She was promoted to assistant branch manager in 2014. Her excellent work, high-level of professional, integrity with customers, and ability to represent INB in the community made her the ideal candidate for this new position.

Helping her along the way was her family. Mary says they’ve shown their care simply by loving and supporting her. She adds, “They’re always willing to volunteer with me at community events sponsored by INB.”

She points out that it was her grandmother who mentored her when she was younger. “Not a day went by that she didn’t have a smile on her face no matter what was happening in her life. She always kept me positive and helped me in every way to become the person I am today.”

And Mary does smile when she sees and interacts with customers . . . even those who come in upset or angry. . She finds her greatest satisfaction in turning those frowns into smiles.

Congratulations Mary!

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