Tad McDaniel New to INB; Years of Mortgage Experience


By: Aaron Sapp
Vice President, NMLS #447059

Tad McDaniel, Champaign mortgage lenderTad McDaniel has his college roommate to thank for his 15+ years in mortgage banking.

“My roommate began doing mortgages and found a lot of success with it, so I got to see firsthand how the entire process worked,” he said.

Attending Illinois State University at the time, Tad decided to pursue this endeavor himself, starting as a mortgage processor. He then moved to Dallas for 10 years to work for Bank of America as a mortgage loan officer.

For Tad, NMLS# 420664, working with mortgage loans became a good fit for his instinctive, problem-solving tendencies. A self-described “people person,” Tad notes that while he’s not necessarily naturally inclined to numbers, the world of mortgages allows him to build relationships with new people and work through challenges to find solutions.

“I like to figure out ways to make it work,” he said. “No day is ever the same, and you must maintain a continued knowledge of the rules and ever-changing guidelines. Every mortgage program has different conditions and constraints, which requires a lot of education, so I’m always reading about new guidelines.”

Coming Home to Champaign

In 2011, Tad had the opportunity to move back to his hometown of Champaign, where he grew up with four brothers and one sister. Being an Illini fan as a child has come full circle as he now gets to cheer on the University of Illinois athletics again. Tad himself enjoys activities of all kinds.

“I was very active in sports growing up, and I go to a lot of sporting events now,” he said. “I love to golf, my wife and I like to be outdoors; we ride our bikes and camp out often.”

Tad’s wife Robin works for Farm Credit in Mahomet, so they can also frequently be found at the local farmer’s markets or agricultural events. Tad has an 8-year-old son, named Tanner, and a dog called Marley.

Marley was already named when Tad and Robin adopted him from the animal shelter, likely chosen because of the book-turned-movie Marley & Me, about a rambunctious puppy who could never quite be trained and caused disaster after disaster for his family. The name seems to fit well.

“She ate our entire mattress one time,” Tad lamented with a laugh.

Making Champaign Home Again

Being back the Champaign-Urbana area for 6 years, Tad has been excited to immerse himself in the local area and re-discover old friendships.

“It’s been great to reconnect with old friends and all of the people I knew in the industry,” he said. “It’s been an adjustment to see all the changes that happened when I was gone, but it’s a welcoming feeling to go into a restaurant or store and see people I know.”

Those relationships will only be strengthened as Tad now begins his career with INB as a mortgage officer servicing the Champaign market. Loyalty is a strong value in Central Illinois, and Tad is looking forward to putting down more roots in his hometown so that he can provide “the best” customer service possible.

And how does Tad define “the best”?

“I value the simple concept of doing what I say I will,” he said. “I strive to return calls as quickly as I can, to be as available as possible for my clients, and to meet or exceed expectations in every transaction, meeting or conversation. INB has a stellar culture and reputation in Central Illinois, and it’s exciting to join this growing mortgage team.”

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