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By Steve Miller
Vice President, Client Services & Sales Development Coach

Courtney Bentley is the newest face in our Customer Care Center. Yet she’s not new to INB and many of its customers.

Courtney Bentley, Customer Care CenterCourtney, a Care Center consultant, began her INB career as a teller in Chatham. She moved to our operations area in 2013, and had begun missing the chance to work directly with customers. “I missed my customers in Chatham, and I wanted to get back to dealing directly with our customers on a daily basis. I also really wanted to continue to learn more about banking.” She notes the Customer Care Center staff position allows her to do both. “Switching was a win-win for me,” she says.

Because she was not working on what we consider the “retail” side of the bank for a few years, she knows she has a lot to learn to provide customers with excellent service. “So much has changed. Today we open accounts online. And people don’t have to go into a branch to do deposits. How cool is it that. You can sit at home or at an airport and deposit a check into your checking or savings account!”

Courtney chose to work at INB right after high school because her dad suggested it based on a recommendation from an LRS colleague. INB offered part-time work that fit into Courtney’s schedule at the time. Courtney has stayed with INB for 10 years because, she says, “INB fosters a great culture among its employees and in the communities they serve. This can truly be seen by how well everyone works together at the bank, which makes the days a little smoother and the job a little easier. I have also had good leaders who have helped me grow and push for me to continue learning.”

Courtney’s spare time is currently occupied with wedding planning and playing with her rescue dogs. “They were both adopted from Animal Protective League here in Springfield. I am pretty passionate about adopting. I try and give to shelters as much as I can and go out there to visit with some of the animals.”

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