David Nelson Takes on New Career at INB


By: Aaron Sapp
Vice President, Mortgage Lending
NMLS #447059

David Nelson, Champaign, Mortgage lenderThings happen for a reason. In David Nelson’s case, calculus happened.

“I originally wanted to be an architect,” he says, “then I took calculus and decided it wasn’t for me.”

So he switched majors. After earning a communications degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign. He was thinking about becoming a golf teaching professional, so he headed back to his hometown of Altona, Ill. after graduation to work at a nearby golf course. There, he realized his potential career wouldn’t offer the income he wanted. So when the golf season ended, he took a sales job with a Champaign Chrysler dealership, bringing him back to his college town.

Being a people person helped David succeed in sales. Within five years, he was promoted to sales manager.

Then one day David met Justin Gensler, a successful mortgage lender who now works for INB. “Justin talked to me about coming to work with him several years ago. But it’s hard to leave a solid job for something you’ve never done before.” So it took a while for David to seriously consider the offer.

He gave the job offer serious thought when his son was born about a year and a half ago. At the time, he noticed that some of his colleagues were missing family events and activities because of their scheduled work hours. “They’d work until 8 p.m. and their kids would be in bed when they got home. I didn’t want to miss my kids growing up.”

With that, David decided it was time to switch careers; he joined the INB team as it was moving into 217 S. Neil in Champaign.

With Justin as a mentor, David, NMLS # 1718338, hit the ground running. David says, “Having Justin as a resource has been a huge help. He is very well respected within the industry, which has made building new business relationships much easier than it otherwise would have been.”

And David likes that when he’s at a closing, he feels good about helping people. “Buying a home is a very happy and exciting process for most people. I love being able to help people achieve something that they have worked so hard for. Just being a part of that process is a great feeling.”

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