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By: Marilyn Titone Schaefer

AVP, Communications Director


Melissa Tepovich, INB business solutions, podcast videoI enjoy walking not to the beat of the music, but to the voice of a podcaster. Daily news analysis, today’s love stories, real-live crimes, and business building keep me moving and thinking. So when Dijon Davis of Illini Radio group pitched the station’s Experts On Line Program, I was intrigued. After all, I’d met lots of experts on the INB staff. But could they tell an interesting story?

It seems they can when they’re asked the right questions by the right people.

Illini Radio has been producing Experts On Line for about eight years. All seven of Illini’s radio stations’ on-air personalities promote the program and encourage listeners to learn more about the experts and their topics. Dijon adds, “We also run commercials featuring the expert business along with business name mentions throughout the day.  You can find “Experts” rotating images on the homepages of all seven radio stations, as well as a listing under the LOCAL navigation bar of all of the websites.”

Mundane to us; interesting to others

Dijon says the number of podcast listens depends on the type of business, what the topics are, and how active the business is on social media.  Illini Radio keeps the content interesting by encouraging people to be very specific to their industry.  “What you think of as day-do-day is interesting to people who aren’t in your industry.  I have a moving company that has been on this program for over five years.  They LOVE IT!  I use this as an example because their product is not sexy, it does not change much, and they can’t offer any specials or promotions legally, so it all comes down to the podcast content.

“We looked at what people asked about the most (i.e. moving with kids/ moving during winter weather/ how to pack a kitchen for a move) and then built a podcast schedule around that.  Every year, the owner tweaks and re-records something similar but slightly different, and people now reference some of her podcasts when they call.  So I tell people, don’t over-think it.  Everyone has questions about your industry. Talk about those things.”

And that’s INB’s plan as we continue to take part in Experts On Line. With Dijon’s help, we’ll provide information on aspects of banking that we might find routine, but others will find interesting.

Melissa Tepovich was our recent bank expert. She has the expertise when it comes to business and municipality banking. She knows how to help these organizations make the most of their money whether it’s coming in or going out.

Take a listen.

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