BaZing Roadside Assistance Gets Better

8/3/2017 by Illinois National Bank

By Marsha Shomidie
Vice President and Pleasant Plains Branch Manager
NMLS # 662908

Some things get better with age, and our BaZing’s Roadside Assistance benefit is one of those things. BaZing Roadside Assistance is part of all INB Power and Power Plus checking accounts and is available 24/7. The assistance is for covered services up to $80. If your covered charges are more than $80, you’ll pay the difference.

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Many INB Customers Have Roadside Assistance Coverage. Do You?

1/27/2016 by Illinois National Bank

By Donna Smith
VP, North Dirksen Parkway Branch Manager
NMLS # 662912

This is no way to start summer vacation!

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Good Communication, Great Style, AND Savings!

12/10/2015 by Illinois National Bank

By Dee Jason
VP, Riverton and Mt. Pulaski Branch Manager
NMLS # 662874

Communication is key when it comes to walking out of the hair salon with the style and color you envisioned, and The Studio on 7th in Riverton places communication with clients at top priority.

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How to Power Up on Knowledge and Savings

12/1/2015 by Illinois National Bank

By Debbie Shelton
SVP, West Wabash Avenue Branch
NMLS #662907

We’re giving away power banks to anyone who takes the time to learn about INB’s checking accounts powered by BaZing.  While that may not sound like something you planned to do today, it just might be worth the time.  Our employees are finding that BaZing offers great savings and benefits.

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Use Bazing App to Get App Discount

10/13/2015 by Illinois National Bank

By Valerie Woodrum
VP, Montvale and Downtown Drive Branch Manager
NMLS # 662920

“It’s a family tradition,” says Tom DiLello, owner of The Office Sports Bar and Grill. His family has been in the neighborhood bar business for over 80 years. What’s the family secret to success you ask? Staying true to the simple things . . . cold beer, good grub, and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

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