INB Staff Happy to Open Branch Doors

8/3/2020 by Kathy Greer

You can’t see it behind our masks, but we’re smiling and thrilled to welcome you back to our branches!

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Don’t Strike Out with Sales – INB Can Help Process Payments

11/8/2019 by Austin Graham

Imagine: You’re at a local baseball tournament with your little athlete, and you want to buy a sweatshirt or other “swag” provided at the game. But you don’t have cash or a check to make the purchase . . . so you walk away empty-handed.

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INB Partners with Silicon Valley to Help Customers

4/2/2019 by Tom Gihl

Thirty years ago, bankers didn’t even work on personal computers.

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Switching to INB Just Got Easier

3/27/2019 by Kelly Raison

INB’s newest use of technology makes switching banks super simple. We'll switch your direct deposits and automatic payments for you. We'll even reach out to your current financial institution about the change. 

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Branch staff up to speed on IRS phone scams

2/21/2019 by Debbie Shelton

We teach our staff to keep an eye out for any situation that doesn’t seem right.

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