Here’s How to Open a New Checking or Savings Account at INB

12/20/2019 by Darcy Marr

When we say we make banking easy, we mean everything from complex processes like mortgage loans to creating a new account.

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Giving, Getting Makes Committee Work, Work

8/28/2018 by Illinois National Bank

We’ve all heard the adage, “You get out what you put in.” With that in mind, a number of INB employees have accepted positions on Illinois Bankers Association committees. These committee positions give them access to people and insights they might not get as a more passive member.

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Vacation Stories Possible with a Savings Plan

8/20/2018 by Illinois National Bank

By: Matt Henton
Communications Intern

Everybody has that one great summer family vacation. Whether you’re the Griswolds going to Wally World or you’re the Goofs going fishing, summer vacations can be some of the greatest memories in your life. A few of our employees had this chance to make special memories recently thanks to some planning.

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INB Employees Note Bank Culture Leads to Longevity

8/17/2018 by Illinois National Bank

By: Kelley Himmelberg
VP, Director of Human Resources

Charlie Kerwin, Larry Buske, Evan Westlake, Lisa West, Emily Francis and Adam Lofgren

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We Remember How Decades Change Banking

8/16/2018 by Illinois National Bank

By: Sarah Phalen
INB President and CEO

When I get the chance to talk about the history of our main branch, I like to point out that even though the building had been used by a gas company when we bought it, it had teller lines because people used to come into the building each month and drop off their payments. We pay our utility bills much differently now, thanks to changes in banking. It was fun to recently reminisce with some of my colleagues and hear what they remember most about their early days in banking. Of course, we all find today’s processes much better because they give us time to spend with customers, customizing solutions.

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