Escrow Can Mean Better Financial Planning

6/15/2020 by Todd Weir

If you don’t want to find yourself short on money when it’s time to pay property taxes or homeowners insurance, you may want to set up an escrow account.

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First Responders Can Save Up to $550 at INB

3/24/2020 by Corey Kates

INB is proud to help those who help the community.

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Is It Time to Refinance Your Home?

10/11/2019 by Evan Westlake

My wife and I purchased our home in 2014. Less than a year later, we refinanced. I didn’t expect to do it then, and I sure didn’t think we’d be talking about refinancing again in 2019. But here we are.

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When it Comes to Home Improvement, Sometimes You Don’t Have a Choice

10/10/2019 by Marilyn Titone Schaefer

There are the home improvements you want to make – think updated kitchen. And there are those you have to make – think new furnace. Either way, an INB home equity loan can allow you to make those improvements.

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Couple Finds the Home Loan Process Easier than Expected

7/25/2019 by Marilyn Titone Schaefer

We like to hear that our customers have found INB banking easy. After all, we tout our “easy banking” in our tagline. We really appreciate it when a customer agrees to share their story. Learn more about Emily Becher’s home buying experience.

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