Now is the Time of Year to Consider a Health Savings Account

10/13/2020 by Cayla Keyes

It’s hard to get excited about health insurance. If you’re like me, you probably glaze over when you even hear those words. But what’s more exciting is saving money. And that’s where Health Savings Accounts come in.

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Amy Barnes: A Coach When It Comes to Your Money

8/20/2020 by Chris Parks

You can go to the gym with no direction and hope to meet your fitness goals, or you can get advice from a personal trainer. You can work through your marriage problems on your own, or you and your spouse can meet with a marriage counselor. And when you’re trying to figure out how to manage your finances, it makes sense to talk to someone who knows and understands money matters.

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5 major causes of financial stress – and how to fix them

9/14/2018 by By: Cayla Keyes

When it comes to stress in relationships and families, money is often a culprit.

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